• The racking that we use is modular in construction to enable us to alter dimensions to suit individual client requirements.
  • Each box location within the racking is identified by a location code which denotes;
    • The site number
    • Area within a site
    • Rack and row within an area
    • Lift (shelf number) within the Rack
    • Position on the shelf

Each shelf has a barcode with the above information attached for use in identification of storage and retrieval processes. All barcode labels used are specifically printed, vinyl laminated and possess high quality adhesive for longevity. Each lift of shelving is equipped with different colour barcodes and the boxes that are stored within the shelves have the same colour sticker applied to that of the shelf. This serves as an additional visual check.

The above barcode configuration allows us to accurately pinpoint the location of each box. Each box has the same static location for life (when the box is retrieved it returns to the same location on return). We do not operate a random filing away system which is common practice within our industry.

Durasteel Vault

Durasteel is a non-combustible composite panel of fibre reinforced cement, mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both surfaces. Durasteel combines lightness, strength, impact resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance.

The Inergen gas system used is a total flooding, clean agent, fire suppression system designed to provide a uniform concentration within the protected area.

The Inergen gas that is contained within the fire suppression system is a fast, effective and safe gas that conforms to the highest environmental and safety standards. Inergen gas is a mixture of Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide. It extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen levels within the affected area by below 15%, which is the point at which the majority of most combustible material will no longer burn.

The Durasteel vault is fully alarmed and CCTV monitored in order to record individuals who enter and leave. Furthermore, only authorised personnel may enter the vault by swipe card access.

Dedicated Areas

For those clients that require additional peace of mind we can provide dedicated caged areas for their archive material. For some clients we have even placed their boxes in number order on request.