Track and Trace from point of order

The O'Neil RSSQL system provides a full track and trace facility that enables us to locate the exact whereabouts of any of our client's items.

Clients may place requests by any of the following methods;

  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • Citrix link into RSSQL
  • Web – RS Web
  • Cloud - RS Connector
  • Smartphone - App

Orders received by telephone, fax and e-mail are entered into the RSSQL system by a member of The Hill Company staff.

Orders received via the web, cloud or smartphone are converted in to a work order by The Hill Company staff. Orders placed directly on to our system via citrix are just updated. Thereafter, customers may monitor the progress and status of each order via this mechanism.


In each instance once the work order has been generated, a picklist is sent via wireless to a pocket pc within the facilities. The pick list includes details relating to the location of each individual item, which is broken down to floor, row , shelf and exact position within a shelf of that particular item. Thereon, the item is scanned from the shelf to a temporary holding area prior to dispatch.

As soon as each work order has been printed it is passed to the supervisor, who prioritises and schedules the deliveries and collections. Work orders are grouped into individual vehicle routes and assigned to the relevant driver.


The item is then scanned from the temporary holding area to a vehicle, which enables the driver to check that he has all the correct items. On delivery the item is scanned again from the vehicle to the recipient who signs a copy of the work order and the screen of the pocket pc to confirm receipt of the item. The driver then prints a list of all items delivered via belt printer linked to the pocket pc in order to provide the client with a hard copy record of the activity. An option of an email receipt is possible of the delivery/collection just carried out. Each time the barcode is scanned, the pocket pc electronically verifies that the correct item is being scanned in relation to the relevant work order. An identical process is then repeated for all returned items.

Before the driver leaves your premises they will upload the items delivered or collected via GPRS so the correct status of the item is always sitting on our RSSQL database.


Collections are made within 24 hours of notification and are free when co-ordinated with a delivery.
Items are placed in a holding area within the facilities for immediate retrieval and re-filed within 24 hours.

Access to new/returned items

All items are immediately retrievable once they leave your offices due to our track and trace system and our drivers uploading their information as they carry out their daily work. This combined with all our vehicles being fitted with a tracking system means that at any one time we know the whereabouts of all your items.