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Professional Services

The Hill Company understand that each field of the professional services such as Accountants, Surveyors, Architects, Management Consultants, Engineering, etc. is different. We work very closely with each customer to create solutions and reports that match their requirements. We understand that whether you're a firm of accountants, surveyors etc. you still have a requirement to store and access your business records.

Every profession has different requirements for their archive storage, for example an accountancy firm might need to store millions of transactional records which need to be traceable in case of queries, or a surveyor or architect may need to store building plans that could be required many years later. The Hill Company takes every part of your storage into consideration and will provide a solution that ticks every box.

We have record centres in Essex, Manchester and Livingston which allow us to provide an emergency 2 hour delivery to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh & Glasgow; therefore if any documents are needed urgently, we can get them to you within 2 hours. The Hill Company deliver nationwide and we can also provide our customers 2 deliveries per day for your records if required. Part of our system’s success is down to our strategic partnership with O’Neil Software. O’Neil Software is the world’s leading barcode provider which allows us to barcode all of our customer’s boxes and files which then allows us to easily locate the records when needed. We also provide a secure destruction service, so if files need to be destroyed, you can have confidence that it will be securely destroyed along with a destruction certificate. Our Secure Confidential Destruction is always done to match the standard of EN15713.