The Hill Company is a well established dedicated records management company servicing the width and breadth of the UK. It remains family owned and run with that ethos. It is the largest privately owned records management company in the UK. The management team has a successful proven track record of many years standing of excellent service within the storage industry.

The Hill Company is managed with a policy of continually investing in new technology and infrastructure in order to provide the optimum facilities and systems possible.

The Hill Company is dedicated towards providing a service that meets the very highest standards. As such, we are continually monitoring our performance in order to ensure that we provide our clients with the very best value in terms of service, technology and price.

This is demonstrated by the unique partnership that The Hill Company has with the industry's leading software provider O'Neil Software.

We were the:

  • 1st Completely wireless records centre in Europe using O'Neils RS Mobile
  • 1st Records management company in the world to use the Motorola pocket pc with GPRS capabilities and RS Mobile
  • Winner of O'Neil Strategic Partner of the Year 2007 – European region.
  • 1st Records management company in the world to integrate/connect THC RSSQL clients database with a client's 3rd party software using O'Neil RS Connector product.
  • 1st Records management company in the world to become RM Bridge compliant: the O'Neil Datatech real time cloud computing product.
  • Winner of O'Neil Forum Moderator of the year 2010

Our experience within the industry has enabled us to build an operation that has drawn upon what we know our customers require and expect. In this sense we have implemented procedures that confirm and demonstrate to our clients that they are receiving the optimum service available.

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