Fire Protection

fire panelThe Hill Company take the fire protection of your records very seriously.

To ensure that your items are safe at all times most of The Hill Company Sites have the following fire protection measures in place as standard;

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) smoke detectors. This system constantly samples the air conditions within the archive. Should any changes occur it sends a warning to the Operations team with a zonal reference for any potential concern.
  • Zonal monitoring systems linked to Redcare. Alerts Key holders and the local police or fire brigade of concern.
  • Zonal sprinkler system. Should the sprinkler system be required as a last resort, it would only be activated in the area of the fire. This avoids jeopardising the entire archive. Our pumps are tested weekly to ensure that they are fully functional.
  • Inergen gas protected areas. Inergen gas is used in our Durasteel vaults. These vaults are a sealed environment and are used for business critical documents such as Deeds, Wills and computer back-up tapes. Should a fire ignite within the vault the Inergen gas is released and reduces oxygen levels to eliminate the fire.
  • Fire extinguishers throughout document storage facility. We have fire marshals on site that have been trained on the use of fire extinguishers.