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The Hill Company utilizes the industry's leading software provider, O'Neil Software. We use the following products:

RSSQL - A complete and comprehensive solution that includes invoicing, scheduling, automatic monitoring and reporting, error trapping, search capabilities, multi-user options, wireless technology, portable computing, remote access, retention scheduling, language translation, multi-site functionality and internet access. RS-SQL is the scalable foundation that all the other O'Neil records management solutions build upon. Five of the functional areas of the core RS-SQL software are explained below.

Box Management. File Management, Tape Management & Document Management.

systems-technologyRS Mobile

O'Neil's award-winning and AT&T Certified RS Mobile software connects field service staff to your RS-SQL database. It is designed to be easy to use but providing powerful functionality RS Mobile allows you to carry out tasks once only. The following are just a small selection of the key features this product has to offer, allowing users to more quickly access information and better react to events at the point-of-activity. RS Mobile gives you the ability to capture a signature on-screen, print it on a receipt and transfer it to RS-SQL for historic lookups. RS Mobile also allows you to have multiple signatures per workorder; for example, one person wants to only sign for the delivery, another person will only sign for the pickup and a third person is willing to sign for the materials being delivered. No problems - RS Mobile can allow individual signatures for each activity or a "Sign for All" option. RS Mobile allows our drivers to validate deliveries and collections, and upload this information via GPRS. By doing so all information is updated in real time and your items are trackable straight away.

RS Web - RS Web.NET

Allows you to create custom data-entry forms for your web users. You can decide which fields you want to appear, the layout of the input fields, the colour of the forms and more. Once the forms have been created, you determine which users you want to have access to certain forms and whether the form should appear as the default form for that user. The beauty of RS Web and its connection with our record centre's RS-SQL program is that you can access your stored items and actually update the information associated with them. You can also add new items. This makes data entry easier, eliminates duplicated labour, and ensures accuracy. An image of a document can be scanned and stored in the database for viewing in RS Web. The user can also be given the option to download or print the image. The Order Express menu option provides different ways for you to order an item. It can be used to quickly order an item if you do not know its barcode, search for items, or request un-registered items. All can be quickly placed onto workorders with the minimum amount of steps. The Cart works similar to the shopping cart feature that you may have used on many shopping websites. You can load items into the cart and then when you are ready to place an order, select the items you want included and create an order. Items remain in your cart until you remove them or until they are placed on an order. The cart can contain requests for deliveries, pickups, materials, reports, or services. Once you have placed an order through RS Web, you can track its status as it is fulfilled by the record centre.

RS Image

An image of a document can be scanned and stored in the database, for viewing in RS Web.NET. You can then see, edit, delete, or print the image. The image description displays above the image

RS Connector

Connects our RSSQL database to the cloud and allows the continuous transfer of activities and data to and from either our database or the clouds copy of the database.

RM Bridge

This is the bridging software that allows connection of the client database with THC database. RM bridge does this by holding securely a copy of our clients database in the cloud (Amazon EC2 Elastic Cloud 2) which when updated by the client is filtered to us and vice versa.

We have a unique partnership with the industry's leading software provider O'Neil Software. We were the: 

  • 1st Completely wireless Record centre in Europe using O'Neils RS Mobile
  • 1st Record management company in the world using Motorola pocket pc with GPRS capabilities and RS Mobile
  • Winner of Strategic Partner of the Year 2007 – European region.
  • 1st Record management company in the world to integrate/connect THC RSSQL clients database with a clients 3rd party software using O'Neils RS Connector product.
  • 1st Record management company in the world to become RM Bridge compliant O'Neil Datatech real time cloud computing product.

Our experience within the industry has enabled us to build an operation that has drawn upon what we know our customers require and expect. In this sense we have implemented procedures that confirm and demonstrate to our clients that they are receiving the optimum service available.