Archive Storage

The Hill Company provide a complete storage and retrieval service for all types of business records. We provide professional tailor made document management and storage solutions to a range of blue chip and professional organisations across a broad market spectrum no matter how small or large.

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Business Records - Deep & Live Storage | Box Storage

Active Files

The Hill Company provide a complete storage and retrieval service for all types of active business files. Archived files are stored and managed within optimum conditions within our purpose built state of the art Records Centres in West Thurrock and Purfleet, Essex and Livingston, Scotland

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Wills and Deeds

In accordance with their risk management strategies many firms are discovering that their onsite safes/strong rooms do not meet the latest guidelines for the storage of important documents such as wills and deeds. Furthermore, in the interests of disaster recovery it is advisable that these documents are stored at least 10 miles from the City centre in the event of a terrorist attack. Other factors to be considered also include the risk of fire and flood at customers own premises.

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The Hill Company is only too aware how critical information is to a business – it is what we manage for our clients on a day-to-day basis. Information is generated at a quicker rate now than at any time in the past and speedy access to that information can be the difference between winning and losing a client.

This is why The Hill Company now promotes our scan-on-demand and backfile scanning services, instead of traditional vehicle-based document distribution; delivering quicker, cheaper and greener access to your company information.

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Digital Media

The Hill Company store and manage all types of digital media. Examples of the types of media we store include; Hard drives, USB memory sticks, DLT tapes, DAT tapes, Cd Rom, DVDs. All of the above are stored under environmental conditions in accordance with the British Standard.

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Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM)

The Hill Company understands that with ever greater pressures on companies to add value and become more efficient, the shift to electronic document and records management, incorporating workflow processes, is ever-increasing.

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File Tracking Solutions | Digital Mailroom Solutions


Filetrack provides a realtime centric view of the current location of all your documents. Support for both barcodes and RFID enables enterprise wide tracking of these physical records.

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Consultancy - Cataloguing | Filing Relocations

The Hill Company provides a wealth of experience and consultancy expertise across the Records Management spectrum – from onsite filing and storage systems to archiving, from up-to-the-minute retention policies to the implementation of fully-functional EDRM solutions.

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Staff Implants - TUPE | Records Management Staff

The Hill Company has vast experience in supplying staff implants or TUPE over your existing staff and then managing them. We understand that you are professionals in your line of expertise and that is why you look to us to use our expertise in capturing your present procedures and analysing them and then delivering best in industry solution to you.

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Secure Confidential Destruction - Shredding Services

The Hill Company is a fully licensed waste carrier by the Environmental Agency and can provide a fully compliant destruction service.

We transport all material directly to our shredding partners facility and oversee the destruction. Upon arrival we issue a waste transfer notice to our shredding partner, they acknowledge this via receipt.

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