BS5454:2000 Standard

BS5454:2000 is a British Standard recommendation for the storage and exhibition of archival documents and preservation of archival material.

The Hill Company Ltd always works towards BS5454:2000 in the planning and running of all its facilities throughout the UK.

Given below are the main points relating to BS5454:2000 that The Hill Company Ltd always take into consideration and observe during its day to day operation. They are broken down into building, storage, shelving & temperature.

BS5454 General Building Recommendation

  • We always consider the orientation of the building to minimise sunlight to the storage areas while providing good light for offices and other working areas.
  • Avoid water or waste pipes which run under or over the storage area.
  • The most effective way to achieve a stable environment is to ensure that the storage room, and the building as a whole, promotes stability. Thick walls, few or no windows in the repository, and a solid roof will go some way towards insulating the storage environment from changes in the outside environment.

BS5454 General Storage Recommendation

  • We do not leave doors or windows open, and switch off lights when they are not in use.
  • Electric lights are always switched off when not in use and positioned at least 50cm above shelving to avoid localised heating and drying of documents.
  • We use archival-quality boxes to store documents. Documents are best stored in archival boxes made from acid free material. Storing documents in boxes not only reduces their exposure to light, but can also provide some protection against sudden fluctuations in humidity or temperature.
  • Documents are never stored on the floor or against an external wall because these areas may be damp.
  • Open shelving is preferable because it allows air to circulate.

BS5454 General Shelving Recommendations

  • Shelves should possess sufficient load bearing strength for items to be stored.
  • The mass and distribution of load is considered when designing the archive whether the shelving is static or mobile.
  • Shelf materials should not emit harmful emissions.
  • The shelving system should allow sufficient air circulation to items being stored.
  • Shelves should be versatile and adjustable to allow for varying sizes and items in the collection.
  • There should be no sharp edges on the shelf.
  • The shelf clips should not obstruct the withdrawal of documents or items stored and items should be stored inboard of the outer edge of the shelf and upright.

BS5454 General Temperature Recommendation

  • Temperature should be at a fixed point between 16 degrees Celsius and 19 degrees Celsius and relative humidity should be at a fixed point between 45% and 60%