Electronic Document and Records Management

The Hill Company understands that with ever greater pressures on companies to add value and become more efficient, the shift to electronic document and records management, incorporating workflow processes, is ever-increasing.

The utilisation of an EDRM solution will help you to:

  • Reduce paper and manage office space better – maximising space efficiency and facilitating moves, restacks and other changes without being hindered by the volume of or need for proximity to paper filing
  • Remove barriers to modern, more flexible ways of working - ensuring that staff can effectively and happily work when mobile or working from home and other remote sites by removing the barrier of lack of access to paper filing, via online access
  • Improve the handling of customer enquiries and requests for service - ensuring that staff (irrespective of their physical location) in contact with customers and counterparties have access to the documents and information they need to provide immediate response
  • Streamline and improve process efficiency and quality - improving both personal and corporate productivity and reducing process elapse times
  • Reduce the operational costs associated with information management - ensuring that the company constrains full time and agency employee costs, through productivity improvements and staff retention, as well as reducing expenditure associated with paper-intensive processes for filing, storage, retrieval, replication and distribution of documents
  • Mitigate the various risks associated with information management - including business continuity, data leakage and legal / regulatory compliance

Calculable Cost Savings

Consulting firm AWV (Arbeidsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung) has calculated the following gains for organisations using automated information management solutions;

  • 50-90% savings in time spent creating and modifying documents
  • 20-40% savings in the time spent handling documents
  • 20-30% personal and corporate productivity increases
  • 20-40% improvements in cycle time
  • 30-50% savings on desk space

Other Cost Savings:

  • Reduced recruitment costs by 30%
  • Reduced photocopying costs by 25%
  • Reduced printing volumes by 25%
  • Reduced paper costs by 25%
  • Reduced postage costs by 25%
  • Reduced telephone calls by 30%
  • Removal of the need to procure new filing cabinets
  • Reduced costs of files / folders by 50%
  • Reduced (archive) file transport costs by 50%

Hosted EDRM Solution

With so many EDRM systems available, one of the barriers to opportunity is knowing which systems to implement across the many facets of your organisation. The Hill Company approach is to tailor any EDRM solution, to team level if appropriate, by listening to your requirements and employing our renowned Records Management experience.

The Hill Company's breadth of electronic solutions is unparalleled and, as part of our electronic offering, we provide the hosted (or "cloud"), subscription-based Informu document, records and workflow management system. Informu has a simple pricing model based on the number of users and amount of data stored.

There are many benefits to the Cloud approach:

  • Scalable and cost effective - you only pay monthly, based on number of users and storage volumes; there are less capital costs for implementation such as hardware, software and IT support; the price includes built-in Software Maintenance and Upgrade Protection
  • Less configuration - you can configure and operate a cloud solution without worrying about typical software or hardware infrastructure clashes
  • Rapid deployment - a cloud solution may be deployed very quickly, with access available via existing infrastructure
  • No installation - no installation CDs, hardware or updates to slow your productivity
  • Access anywhere - by managing your documents online, information is always accessible via any internet connection and data can be shared instantly
  • Business value - you can attract best staff irrespective of geographic location
  • Data security - provides built-in firewalls and stringent security standards
  • Resilience - total assurance that backup and disaster recovery processes are always in place

In addition, The Hill Company can provide consultancy services to ensure that the file plan, metadata, access rules, retention policies, workflow processes and supporting procedures are thoroughly planned. See Consultancy.