File Tracking Solutions


Filetrack provides a realtime centric view of the current location of all your documents. Support for both barcodes and RFID enables enterprise wide tracking of these physical records.

A clean, consistent browser-based interface with flexible searching options allowing a user to locate documents quickly and request their retrieval.

Integrates with existing Legacy/Management Information Systems ensuring a single corporate view of the company's data.

It allows you:

  • Locate any record whether it is held locally, in central storage or off site.
  • Save money/effort by reducing time spent searching for important files
  • Enforce corporative compliance and work practices
  • Avoid client issues caused by lost material
  • Manage full lifecycle of physical documents through to destruction
  • Improve record teams efficiency and professionalism
  • View the status of all outstanding requests against set service level targets
  • Execute major office moves securely and efficiently
  • Provide space management savings


Mailtrack provides the ability to track all incoming courier items from the initial receipt right the way through to the final delivery to the recipient. As well as the inbound functionality there are options for tracking the day to day mail routes and the capture of outbound couriers.

The system is designed to make configuration and management very simple and put the power back in the hands of the user, for example if a new delivery type is needed or a new location or mailroom drop point required, then the user can create these themselves and printout any related barcode.

With the day to day route management the users can create routes with locations or mail drop points associated. By simply scanning the drop point on each route the system builds up a history of activity at each point. This can be extremely useful if there is a client complaint that a drop point was not serviced and items of post were left, as the required proof that the drop point was visited is captured within the system giving an audit trail of when and by whom.

PDA devices and signature pads are used to capture signatures for courier items to prove delivery and collections have taken place. Email notification to the recipient is sent upon the receipt of every item logged onto the system and additional email groups can be set up for special cases such as private goods or items for a VIP

Mailtrack is a multi location system and can be used to service many different mailrooms for a client.

Mailtrack can be integrated with Filetrack so that the post room can deliver files on the mailtrack system and the location can be updated automatically on the Filetrack system.

Filetrack is a RM Bridge certified software product.