Secure Confidential Destruction

The Hill Company is a fully licensed waste carrier by the Environmental Agency and can provide a fully compliant destruction service.

We transport all material directly to our shredding partners facility and oversee the destruction. Upon arrival we issue a waste transfer notice to our shredding partner, they acknowledge this via receipt.

Material is then placed in a secure building under CCTV surveillance whilst awaiting destruction. Material is then shredded under CCTV surveillance and baled, awaiting transportation to paper mill for pulping.

In addition to high security shredding of paper based items, our comprehensive service includes destruction or recycling of plastics, redundant IT equipment, media, x-rays, microfiche/films, computer discs, cartridges, videotapes, CD's and DVD's. The Hill Company guarantees protection of sensitive materials and adheres to strict security practices with an unbroken chain of custody.

Also available are shredding sacks with numbered security seals or 120, 240, 660 and 1100ltr bins for clients wishing to operate bin exchange.

Our storage clients have the added advantage of utilising the retention date programme whereby The Hill Company contacts the client at predetermined review / destruction dates thus minimising administration costs for the client.

A certificate of destruction is issued upon completion of waste disposal which verifies that materials have been destroyed in accordance with current laws.

 To purchase our shredding services, please visit our shredding website