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Banking & Financial

The Hill Company understand that banks, accountants and other businesses involved with the financial sector have both large amounts of physical and electronic data and you need to have reassurance that it is being held securely and in the right conditions and that it satisfies the regulatory bodies. Once this data is no longer required you want peace of mind that it will be destroyed correctly.

Secure document storage, archiving and management are the lifeblood of the business. Security and confidentiality in this sector is at the highest order, hence why the records management systems in place have to be efficient in every way, with the security and accessibility of documents being the key.

The Hill Company utilizes the industry’s leading software provider, O’Neil’s Software. We use RSSQL which includes invoicing, scheduling, automatic monitoring and reporting, error trapping, search capabilities, multi-user options, wireless technology, portable computing, remote access, retention scheduling, language translation, multi-site functionality and internet access. This means we can always locate your files when needed and get them delivered or scanned to you.

If any documents or files need to be destroyed, we can do this for you and provide you with a secure confidential destruction certificate for a peace of mind that your files are securely destroyed. Our Secure Confidential Destruction is always done to match the standard of EN15713.