Solutions For You

Business and Corporate Recovery

The Hill Company provide a Business and Corporate recovery service for your or your customers archive storage.

We will take every aspect of your storage into consideration, whether the archives will need to be accessed soon, or whether your archives will be untouched for a while. The Hill Company will provide you with the best solution for you, matching your requirements and keeping costs down for your company. We also provide an emergency 24 hour service – every day of the year.

We can both list and box your documents on site or off site then relocate the documents to our secure state of the art record centres. Once your files are at our record centre, they will all be barcoded which allows us to easily track and locate your files using our RSSQL system.

The Hill Company also can do itemised billing per case instead of one global invoice. Once a case is closed, we can also invoice your storage and destruction in advanced, therefore the job can be closed your end but still knowing your documents will be securely stored and securely destroyed when no longer needed.

The Hill Company always follows the standard EN15713 with our Secure Confidential Destruction, so you can always have a piece of mind that your files will be securely destroyed when needed. You will also have a certificate to tell you this.