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The Hill Company have vast experience in implementing document management solutions for the Insurance sector. We understand that you have a requirement for policies, correspondence, slips etc. to be easily accessible and that depending on the age of your company there will be a lot of legacy items that might need to be indexed. Once this is done the majority of the legacy items can be transferred to deep storage delivering cost savings.

The Hill Company understand that all insurance companies will have documents that are highly private and confidential therefore security in this sector is of the upmost importance as it is usually a main concern when choosing a document management system. We will work hard to fully understand our customers’ needs. We work on the basis that the records management system in place has to be efficient in every way, with security and accessibility being the key.

All of our document management systems can all be implemented and adapted to benefit the customer. Our online records management system can be specifically designed to match our customers’ requirements.

The Hill Company have record centres in Essex, Manchester and Livingston which allow us to provide an emergency 2 hour delivery to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh & Glasgow. We deliver nationwide and we can also provide our customers 2 deliveries per day for your records. Part of our system’s success is down to our strategic partnership with O’Neil Software. O’Neil Software is the world’s leading barcode provider which allows us to barcode all of our customer’s boxes and files which then allows us to easily locate the records when needed. The Hill Company also provide a secure destruction service, so if you need files destroyed, you can have confidence that it will be securely destroyed along with a destruction certificate. Our Secure Confidential Destruction is always done to match the standard of EN15713.

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